Strategic Implementation For Your Creative Ideas

Spitfire Studios is a production services company supporting content developers for feature films, episodic television, & commercial campaigns shooting in Georgia.  Offering facilities, equipment, and business services, Spitfire delivers stunning visuals on time and within budget.

Our Approach Makes Us Different

Production can be laborious. At Spitfire, we actually enjoy the process, the application of new technology and the opportunity to work with creative professionals to bring their projects to life. Our mission is to introduce you and your team to local professionals who understand the passion and commitment to the craft, and who will ultimately make your job easier.


Unlike other production entities, Spitfire doesn’t represent a roster of directors. Instead, we invite you to bring your project and your creative team to work with our team to bring your project to life. Need someone to direct your project? We have relationships with a number of directors representing a wide range of styles. Ultimately. we are engineered to support your vision, with a laser focus on making certain you stay on schedule and on budget. The day your team arrives, things are ready to go and there are answers to your anticipated questions. We understand the landscape, the people, and the particulars of shooting here, and we’re happy to share our knowledge so you can get to work.


Spitfire Studios has over two decades of experience in Georgia and has forged an extensive network of relationships with crew, vendors, and financial and accounting professionals. We have produced independent features, episodic TV, countless commercial campaigns, and media for Fortune 500 companies. We are well-versed in maximizing the state’s incentive programs. Located just a few miles outside the city center of Atlanta, our facility offers ample flexible space that is as comfortable as it is practical. Our commitment to safety can be seen in everything from our state-of-the-art HVAC system with viral filtering to the multiple layers of security for both the building and its grounds. The surrounding area offers ample support services and the ability to take advantage of all that Atlanta has to offer, but is free of the congestion and gridlock associated with downtown.


Georgia has become a near-perfect environment for productions of all sizes. The State’s wide range of year-round locations, diversity of culture, strong economic environment, and well-established production community, all combine to create an incredibly positive incubator for creatives to work. Combine the above with what is arguably the best crafted tax incentive program in the country, and Georgia routinely ranks in the top three states for production nationwide.