Spitfire Studios has crafted a valuable co-production model for producers interested in shooting their next project in Georgia. It is specifically designed to enable producers to be up and running on Day One of pre-pro.

We offer tangible below-the-line savings by leveraging our extensive inventory of equipment, vehicles, facilities and long standing relationships with vendors, crew and financial/ accounting support services. This allows us to help control costs and provide approved methods to maximize the value of your qualified spend for the States’ tax credit program.


Spitfire can work with your production in one of two ways:

  1. A straightforward production services contract, with menu-driven access to facilities, equipment, personnel, insurance, support services, etc.
  2. Spitfire Studios can act as your co-production partner, enabling us to significantly maximize the value of the Georgia Tax Credits program. This optimization often meets or exceeds the amount of our production fee and can often be a source of significant revue to your bottom line. In addition, Spitfire would operate at arms length, and any claims to your IP would be contractually prohibited.


We realize that every project is different, so we invite you to contact us so we can discuss how Spitfire might best support your production needs in Georgia.